Depending on your business model, we help you determine which selling model or models make the most sense. Your selling model will depend on a few factors - product/service, industry, revenue model, and geography. The most common models are inbound sales, outbound sales, account based selling, team sales, and self service sales. Once we understand the Sales Model, we have three options for executing - commission only, buy and sell, and base plus commission. 

Commission Only

  • The most common among outsourced sales positions
  • We act as your independent sales agent / manufacturer representative
  • We 'eat what we kill' and the percentage is determined by various factors and can range from 5 to 20% 

Buy & Sell

  • This option is popular if you are importing or exporting goods 
  • We act as your distributor & resell partner
  • We take care of the entire sales process and reduce your overhead costs

Base + Commission

  • This option is for businesses who need a Chief Revenue Officer or Head of Sales but are not able to afford them full-time
  • We sell, coach, consult, and execute for your business with you and your sales team
  • Not every business will qualify for this service - we need to make sure we are a good fit before starting 

"Nothing happens until someone sells something"

Henry Ford

Let's Get Selling!